Sportive Rehabilitation, is located on the -2 floor of the Vamos Sports Complex.

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Sportive Rehabilitation, is located on the -2 floor of the Vamos Sports Complex. Our center, which also has the advantage of being close to the city center, provides services such as sports rehabilitation, physiotherapist support, manual therapy, medical and classical massage, and offers customized programs considering the overall situation of sports clubs, athletes and all our guests. Our company, which started off in 2012 with the principle of “proposing solutions and supporting to the Sports and Rehabilitation sector,” has hosted 100% client satisfaction by expanding its branches and introducing other concepts in the meantime. We are a corporate company with the human resources, technical expertise and equipment to perform our services in the best way with the trainings we have acquired and implemented. We create a difference with our services and gain guests by working result-oriented. We operate with a corporate culture that is constantly improving, changing, questioning, and learning. Meanwhile, we identify and reward our employees who contribute. We desire to progress toward being the most sought-after rehabilitation facility by maintaining the stability of our pleased crew without compromising sports and anatomical principles.


Today, a variety of factors causes to an increase in physical ailments and/or the lengthening out of the healing period following ailment.  
It is obvious that technological advancements make life simpler. However, sedentary lifestyle, deterioration of magnetic field waves, and interference with the naturalness of foods, are negativities of technology that have a detrimental impact on human health. The increase in physical ailments in recent years confirms this situation. Sports rehabilitation helps to strengthen the affected region of body within safe limits, as well as relax the muscles by stretching them using static and dynamic stretches. Providing localized strength and stretching out the muscles helps to relieve pressure and increase blood circulation in the area.


Manual therapy is the umbrella term for manual therapy methods that utilize specialized techniques.
Manual therapy techniques are passive motions that involve manual skill and are administered to the joints or soft tissues with which they come into touch. Although this is a novel therapy in our country, it has a long history dating back to Hippocrates and has a place in modern medicine. The primary goal of manual therapy is to identify the root causes of current issues, eradicate them as quickly as possible, and speed the process of renewal. People’s lifestyles, eating habits, body analysis, sports or activities, muscular strength, and other current medical issues are thoroughly analyzed, and the variables causing the difficulties are identified, and the patients as a whole are evaluated. Manual Therapy Approaches and Benefits; Deep frictions, mobilizations, manipulations, traction, stretching, muscle relaxation, and training approaches are utilized to enhance joint biomechanics depending on the condition of the tissue.
  • With these technics;
  • ●Pain, stiffness, and tension are relieved by opening the overstretched and blocked tissues around the joints.
  • ●By enhancing muscular flexibility, accurate and efficient operation is ensured.
  • ●Mechanical stimuli are delivered, and the transmission of nerves carrying pain signals is reduced, resulting in pain alleviation.
  • ●Pain is decreased by the release of painkillers known as endorphins


Hydrotherapy is a type of rehabilitation that takes place in or with the use of water.
The buoyancy of the water aids in reducing the pressure on the joints and muscles. Furthermore, thanks to its action starting and enabling function, it permits activities that cannot be done outside to be done in the water. Reducing the pressure on the region helps to reduce discomfort and prevents future injuries, particularly during joint rehabilitation. It also makes it easier for the person to conduct physical labor in the water, to be self-confident, and to relax mentally. In the ailments considered acceptable for hydrotherapy, all studies demonstrate that once the rehabilitation procedure is done to the individual, the region becomes stronger and the healing process is completed faster.


In the program, studies are scheduled to ensure that the physical development of individuals aged 7 to 17 can proceed appropriately and effectively
  • ●Balance, coordination
  • ●-Strength, quickness, endurance.
  • ●Muscle
  • ●Tendon, ligament
  • ●Joint
  • ●Skeletal system
  • Problems can be rehabilitated.
Furthermore, it is planned to build physical development programs appropriate for the sportive activity of those involved in a sport, in order to become more successful in sports life and to limit the risk of sports injury. We are ready to assist your children in making sound decisions for the future.


Classical massage is a type of massage that has calming, relaxing, physiologic, and psychological effects.
First and foremost, classical massage increases blood circulation, which might be sufficient to treat many problems on its own. Increased blood circulation increases the volume of blood delivered to organs and tissues, resulting in an increase in the amount of oxygen carried. Oxygen is a vital supply of nourishment for all organs. The delivery of oxygen to organs and tissues aids in the efficiency of biochemical processes in those areas, as well as the reduction of acidic compounds that are damaging to the body following these reactions. It facilitates the fluidity of the fluid in the lymphatic vessels and between the muscles. Classical massage helps to relax physically, mentally and spiritually. Application process takes 45 minutes.

spor Massage

The most important feature that distinguishes sports massage from classical massage is that the rhythm, duration and amount of pressure are different.
In this type of massage, stimulating movements are in the majority and differ according to the sport. Medium and hard pressures applied in sports massage help to reduce the level of lactic acid after sports activity and to balance intramuscular pressure. After the sports massage, the blood circulation in the muscles increases, ensuring that the athlete is prepared for the next training at the best level. In addition, sports massage reduces the risk of injury in the next sporting activity. The application time is 60 minutes.


In modern medicine, medical massage is recognized as an alternative therapy practice.
Techniques for application comes from centuries ago to the present. Medical massage should be applied to the problematic areas by experienced therapists. The strength, pace, and quantity of the massage varies depending on the condition. Massage has been shown to aid in the healing process of the affected region. The applications to be made are programmed under the doctor’s supervision and advice for illnesses that continue the treatment procedure. The application process takes 30 minutes.


Reflexology is a complementary therapy approach that has been acknowledged and used by science to help treatment.
The nerve terminals of the human body’s organs finish in the soles of the feet and palms. Correct signals to these regions aid in the proper rhythmic operation of the organ to which it is linked. Reflexologists who are professionals in the field can find nerve endings that are blocked for a variety of causes using the hand method. Pressures, massages, and vibrations applied to the identified locations aid in the stimulation and relaxation of the nerve. It improves toe sensing and aids in the reestablishment of connection with the organs via these regions. The application process takes 45 minutes.


Massage therapy applied during pregnancy has a soothing and relaxing effect.
During this period, the most frequent complaints among expecting moms are back and lower back pain, edema, and swelling in the feet and ankles. The reason of back and low back pain is related to changes in anatomical structure and weight gain caused by a change in the body’s center of gravity. The physical discomfort caused by pain and swelling leads to weariness and mental pessimism. Soft massages to the back, hands, and feet while seated can help to relax the entire body and regulate blood flow. The pelvic region should not be massaged during pregnancy. The application process takes 30 minutes.



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